Ring 2024 In With All the Amazing New Lego Sets Out In January

Image: Lego

New year, new… Lego? That’s how that saying goes, right? After a few quiet months to round out 2023, Lego is starting 2024 with a bang with tons of new sets. Marvel! Star Wars! Sonic! Jurassic Park! Bouquets and Polaroids! Truly, something for everyone.

Seriously, after the last few months delivered a few handfuls of sets here and there, 2024’s Lego floodgates are already well and truly opened. Almost every primary Lego line has a bunch of new sets releasing this month, including City, Creator, DREAMZzz, Icons, and of course licensed lines like Marvel, Star Wars, Minecraft, and more. And if you want to ring in the Year of the Dragon, specifically, Lego truly has you covered with a swath of seasonal special sets themed around the new year celebrations… and then of course a bunch of Dragon-themed sets in Ninjago, to boot. Click through to see everything coming this month!

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