Meta Ray-Bans Hate Your Outfit, PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors, and More Top Product News of the Week

If you ever wanted help picking out an outfit, Meta just rolled out a beat for its Ray-Ban Smart Glasses that’ll give you fashion advice based on what’s in your closet. Meanwhile, the Apple and Beeper Mini messaging saga took a dramatic turn. Gizmodo covered all this news and more, and you can catch up with our weekly roundup. – Jorge Jimenez

Meta’s Ray-Ban Glasses Now Have Thoughts About Your Pants

Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses house multiple microphones and a 12-MP external camera, which now allows the company’s AI to see and hear its users and surroundings.
Image: Meta

Meta’s long-promised AI-enabled vision features for the company’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses are finally incoming, allowing the onboard AI to see, hear, and interpret its environment through the glasses’ 12 MP camera and microphone. The company proclaimed late Tuesday that these new AI-vision features are now available in beta. There’s a whole lot of utility for a mobile AI that can see and hear, but leave it to Meta’s leadership to show off the new feature in the most awkward and trite way possible. – Kyle Barr Read More

Google’s Super-Fast Fiber Internet With WiFi 7 Is Also Super Expensive

A Google Fiber router that supports 20 Gbps and WiFi 7

Are you willing to pay more than $250 a month for the sake of 20 Gbps speeds? Google is hoping at least some will.
Image: Google

Just how fast do you need your home internet to be? More importantly, how much are you willing to fork over to Google each month to turn your home into a miniature data center? According to Google, the answer is an eye-gouging $250 a month plus fees for blistering 20-Gig speeds on a WiFi 7-enabled, plus-sized router. – Kyle Barr Read More

GM Is Removing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto From Its Future Cars Over Safety Concerns

Apple CarPlay shown

Image: Apple

GM sounds like it’s not going to budge regarding its decision to replace Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with its in-house infotainment system on its future electric vehicles. The only difference is that it’s making it about safety this time. – Dua Rashid Read More

Apple’s New Journal App May Be the Only Thing to Keep You Sane This Holiday

A photo of Apple Journal on the iPhone

Apple Journal is live in iOS 17.2.
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

There are plenty of things to like about the latest iOS 17.2 update. For one, iPhone 15 Pro users are getting telephoto camera improvements and can finally use the titanium-shelled hardware to shoot spatial videos for the Vision Pro. There’s also a new Action button shortcut for real-time translation. But the most helpful bit of this software update is the official debut of Apple Journal, which comes just in time for the emotionally challenging holiday season. Journal can help keep all those inner thoughts you write out shielded from the people you want to avoid peeking over. – Florence Ion Read More

Apple Quashes Beeper Mini App to Lord Over the Blue Bubbles

The Beeper Mini app on and Android phone showing the emoji reacts and blue bubbles.

The Beeper Mini app allowed Android users to jump onto the iMessage protocol, enabling features like emoji reactions and high-quality photo sharing.
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Apple isn’t keen to let just any peasant enter its hallowed and gloried domain of iMessage. The company officially declared it had blocked the Beeper Mini app, which let Android users send blue bubble messages to their friends and family on iPhone by reverse engineering the iMessage protocol. – Kyle Barr Read More

Ready to Upgrade? Rumors Suggest PlayStation 5 Pro Arriving Late in 2024

A playstation 5 console next to a Playstation Portal and DualSense controller.

In 2023, Sony released its new, slimmer version of the PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2, along with its PlayStation Portal remote player. Next year could also be a big year for Sony-brand hardware.
Photo: Kyle Barr / Gizmodo

A wave of rumors has engulfed Sony’s premiere fish tail-shaped console, with speculation centering on an upcoming PS5 Pro next year with a beefed-up CPU and GPU supposed to help it swim above any of the other prominent consoles currently on the market. – Kyle Barr Read More

The Apple TV App Just Got So Much More Organized

Image for article titled Meta Ray-Bans Hate Your Outfit, PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors, and More Top Product News of the Week

Image: Apple Newsroom

Apple just redesigned its Apple TV app and brought a couple of features that should have been there a long time back. With the overall aim of making the streaming service easier to navigate, it already looks much more organized and intuitive. – Dua Rashid Read More

Google’s Project Ellmann Shows Your Life in Photos

Image for article titled Meta Ray-Bans Hate Your Outfit, PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors, and More Top Product News of the Week

Image: Google

In a recent internal summit, Google proposed its next big idea: an AI-powered feature titled ‘Project Ellmann’ that would provide users with a snapshot or, as they’re calling it, a “bird’s eye view” of their entire lives. – Dua Rashid Read More

Freewrite Alpha Review: Can This Minimalistic E-Typewriter Cure My Writer’s Block?

A FreeWrite Alpha in black with three red keys surrounded by books and album covers.

The Freewrite Alpha doesn’t feel like a $350 device, but it has a fun keyboard to type away on.
Photo: Kyle Barr / Gizmodo

The curse of all writing is not necessarily a distraction, but the anxiety stemming from creating something you know is awful. Writing is undoubtedly a painful, twisted joy until you read your work and wonder if you ever had a bare ounce of creativity. – Kyle Barr Read More

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