Marvel Teases More What If…? Adventures to Come

Image: Marvel Studios

Today marks the season two finale for Marvel’s What If…?. I haven’t watched it yet, but by several accounts, it sounds like this has been a pretty solid season with a standout episode that focuses on the Mohawk woman Kahhori. Ahead of this season’s premiere, Marvel Studios revealed a third season was in the works, and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be wasting any time in getting it out the gate.

Before the finale dropped, a clip for What If…?’s third season went around online showing Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Red Guardian as secret agents trying to play at being regular dudes. That goes to hell the moment they cross paths with Bill Foster (Laurence Fishburne), the former Goliath in the prime MCU universe, but reimagined here as a cop looking to hunt down any supersoldier spies in the area. Where are the two men headed, and what’s our big pitch for this episode? We won’t find out until season three is closer to release.

What’s also unknown is how Disney will handle the release method: season two aired one episode a day, while the original season had weekly episodes. It may be a while before we see it, though, since it won’t be the only animated Marvel series of 2024. Other shows said to be in the stable include Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (previously known as Spider-Man: Freshman Year), Marvel Zombies, X-Men ‘97, and the recently revealed Eyes of Wakanda.

Let us know what you thought about What If…?’s newest season, and what you want from season three, in the comments below.

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