DC’s Jungle League is a Team of Damn Heroic Apes

Image: Dan Mora/DC Comics

DC Comics sure likes releasing goofy alternate takes on the Justice League. Last year, they were mech pilots, and not long before that, they were anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Next up on the gimmick list? Why apes, of course!

Earlier in the week, the publisher announced Jungle League, which isn’t some spiritual sequel to JLApe: Gorilla Warfare, but an all-ape team consisting of DC’s primate heroes. In this case, our roster consists of Detective Chimp, Gleek from the Wonder Twins (yes, really), Beppo the Super-Monkey, Sam Simeon, and the relatively new Monkey Prince hero. According to the pun-heavy logline, our heroes will be going up against a revived Legion of Doom headed up by Monsieur Mallah, Ultra-Humanite, and other fairly well-known monkey villains from the DC pantheon that have assembled after Gorilla Grodd got himself beaten by the Flash yet again.

The Jungle League will be making their debut in a 48-page special to meant to celebrate April Fools, which will feature stories written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, John Layman Gene Luen Yang, with art from Phil Hester, Karl Mostert, and Bernard Chang. To continue on with the ape gimmick, a variant cover by artist Hayden Sherman will be banana scented. The other cover by Chang won’t have a similar scent, but it will be a banana-themed riff on the famous Crisis on Two Earths cover, which you can see below.

Image for article titled DC's Jungle League is a Team of Damn Heroic Apes

Image: Bernard Chang/DC Comics

The Jungle League will make their debut in the pages of the DC Ape-ril Special, which is releasing on March 19, 2024.

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