Rohit Sharma And Ritika Sajdeh Host Grand 5th Birthday Bash For Samaira, Video Goes Viral – WATCH

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh recently hosted an enchanting pre-birthday celebration for their adorable daughter, Samaira, who turned 5 on December 30. The power couple spared no effort in organizing a delightful pony-themed extravaganza, filled with fun and laughter. The couple shared a heartwarming reel on Instagram, capturing the magical moments of Samaira’s special day.

The Grand Celebration

The birthday festivities took place in Mumbai earlier this month, weeks before Samaira’s scheduled birthday. The early celebration was a result of Rohit Sharma’s break post-leading Team India in the ICC World Cup 2023. The couple curated a wonderland for their little princess, complete with train rides, a bounce house, ball pit, a small ferris wheel, and an array of exciting games.

Ritika’s Instagram Reel

Known for sharing glimpses of their personal life on social media, Ritika Sajdeh surprised fans by posting a captivating Instagram reel from Samaira’s birthday party. The reel showcased the joyous moments and the couple’s heartfelt wishes for their daughter. In the caption, Rohit and Ritika expressed their love for Samaira, emphasizing the joy she brings to their lives.

Family Moments on Display

Ritika often shares personal moments on social media, providing fans with a peek into the Sharma family’s life. However, this time, the couple decided to go a step further, sharing not just pictures but a lively reel capturing the essence of Samaira’s celebration. The reel depicted the couple’s genuine happiness and love for their daughter.

Mother-Daughter Bond

Despite often accompanying Rohit on international tours, Ritika and Samaira opted to stay back during the South Africa tour. The decision highlighted the strong bond between mother and daughter. While Rohit led India in the two-Test series, Ritika and Samaira chose to enjoy quality time together, further emphasizing the importance of family in the cricketing superstar’s life.

Rohit’s Heartfelt Birthday Message

Rohit Sharma, the proud father, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt birthday message for Samaira. In the post, he expressed his love for his daughter, wishing her a life filled with dancing to her own beat and finding joy in every encounter with animals. The post resonated with fans, showcasing the emotional side of the cricketing sensation.

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