WATCH: What Happened When PM Modi Asked Ayodhyas Ujjwala Beneficiary Meera Majhi About Paying Bribe To Get PMAY Money

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today took a detour in Ayodhya when he paid a visit to the house of 10th crore Ujjwala beneficiary Meera Manjhi’s home. When PM Modi reached her home, the whole family was present to meet the Prime Minister and relish the once-in-life moment. During the conversation, PM Modi enquired about various welfare schemes of the government and whether the family availed of those benefits or not. 

When Meera gave tea to PM Modi, he asked about the availability of milk in the area and she responded by saying that they get packaged milk for daily consumption.

Reacting to the high sweetness of the tea, PM Modi asked whether the family drinks very sweet tea. To this, the beneficiary responded by saying that it gets sweeter every time she makes team but she has no idea how (she puts more sugar).

PM Modi also asked what all government benefits her family had availed, to this Meera responded that she got a pucca house under PM Awas Yojana in place of her earlier kutcha house. She also shared that she got a total of Rs 2,50,000 in three instalments of Rs 50,000, Rs 1,50,000 and Rs 50,000 for the construction of the house. To this, PM Modi asked whether she had to pay Rs 15,000 bribe to get the amount sanctioned and Meera replied negatively. 

She also shared that her house has electricity connection for the last three years and the electricity bill comes to around Rs 100-200. 

When PM Modi asked when she got the Ujjwala connection, Meera said that she got the connection yesterday and earlier she used to cook on wood dust chulha. She also shared that LPG will save her time and she would spend that time with kids. 

Watch The Full Conversation Here

When PM Modi asked what work she does, Meera said that she sells flowers at the Naya Ghat. She also shared that she gets 10kg of grains every month. She also shared that her house now has a water connection as well.

Meera’s mother-in-law quipped that Modi is like a god to her to which the PM responded that Shri Ram is the real God. PM Modi ended the conversation by saying the tea was very good and he could be a judge of it as he himself was a ‘Chai Wallah’.

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