UPs Ashish Gupta Becomes Mohammad Yusuf, Converts To Islam. REASON? Love With Muslim Woman

New Delhi: A deputy tehsildar in Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh has landed in legal trouble after he converted to Islam following his marriage to a Muslim woman. A photo of him reading namaz in a mosque went viral on social media and sparked a controversy in the district. The administration, which was unaware of his conversion, was shocked to learn that he was a government official and launched an inquiry into the matter.

His first wife, who was unaware of his second marriage, filed a case against him and the mosque’s maulvi along with 10 others for unethical marriage and forced conversion.

The case is of Maudaha Kotwali town, where an unknown person was spotted reading namaz in a mosque for two days.

When the locals questioned him, he identified himself as Mohammad Yusuf and said that he was from Kanpur. Later, his photo reading namaz went viral and the locals recognized him as Ashish Gupta, the deputy tehsildar of Maudaha tehsil. They informed the authorities, who reached the spot and verified the information.

Ashish Gupta, a resident of Kanpur, was already married and had two children. He had not visited his home in Kanpur for a long time. He had recently married a Muslim woman in Maudaha tehsil area, after which he changed his name to Mohammad Yusuf and converted to Islam. He started visiting the Kachariya Baba mosque to read namaz regularly.

The Hindu organizations of the district protested against his conversion and demanded strict action against him and the others involved. His first wife filed a case against him and the mosque’s maulvi along with 5 named and 5 unknown persons in the Sadar Kotwali for marrying and converting him without giving her a divorce. The police have arrested 2 accused in the case and are investigating the matter further.

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