Telangana Exit Polls: BJP Projected To Make Big Gains; Congress Holds Fort

New Delhi: The Exit polls predicted on Saturday that  Bharat Rashtra Samithi suffering huge losses while there is tough competition between Congress and the BJP in Telangana Lok Sabha Polls.

Exit polls results came after the completion of polling for the Lok Sabha election which was held in seven phases.

As per the  telecast by TV 9 Bharatvarash exit poll results, the BJP-led NDA may win seven of the 17 seats, while the INDIA alliance may win eight seats and two seats

While, India TV poll predicted that the BJP-led NDA secured a victory on 8-10 seats and the INDIA bloc may win 6-8 seats.

News18 India exit poll said that the BJP is predicted to win 7-10 seats in Telangana and INDIA alliance expected a victory on 5-8 seats, BRS 2-5 seats.

The Congress is the main component of the INDIA bloc in the state. The exit poll results suggested that both BJP and Congress gaining in the state as compared to the 2019 Lok Sabha election results. 

The Congress is the primary component of the INDIA bloc in Telangana. The exit poll results indicate gains for both the BJP and Congress in the state compared to the 2019 results. However, the BJP’s gain is notably more significant, particularly since the Congress currently governs the southern state.

Telangana sent 17 MPs to Lok Sabha while voting for all the 17 candidates was concluded in the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha polls on May 13. The state witnessed a 65.67 per cent voter turnout in the 2024 general election. 

In the 2019 election, the BRS (then TRS) won nine of 17 seats, while the BJP secured a victory on 4 seats and Congress managed victory on three seats.

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