Rising Unemployment Among Youth, Inflation Reasons Behind Parliament Security Breach: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: In a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi-led NDA government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asserted on Saturday that the ”rising unemployment and inflation”, products of the Centre’s policies, were the root causes of a significant security breach in Parliament. Speaking to reporters, Rahul Gandhi emphasized the severity of the issue, stating, “Why did the breach happen in the Lok Sabha? Unemployment is the country’s biggest issue right now. Because of Modiji’s policies, India’s youth are unable to find jobs. The breach has happened for sure, but unemployment and inflation are the reasons behind it.”



Kharge Takes A Dig At Amit Shah

Meanwhile, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge took a jibe at Union Home Minister Amit Shah, criticizing his approach towards the security breach. Kharge pointed out that Shah tends to speak to the media but refrains from making official statements in the House. Responding to Shah’s accusation of politicizing the issue, Kharge retorted, “He seeks votes by taking Congress’s name, (and) takes votes by abusing Nehru ji and Gandhi ji.”

BJP, Opposition Clash Over Security Breach

The ongoing clash between the BJP-led Centre and the Opposition regarding the December 13 Parliament security breach has intensified. The incident, coinciding with the 22nd anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack, has led to accusations from the Congress and other opposition parties, blaming the BJP for lapses in security.

Accused Issued Passes in BJP MP’s Name

The controversy deepened as it was revealed that visitors’ passes, crucial to the security breach, were issued to the accused in the name of BJP MP Pratap Simha. Six individuals, including the mastermind Lalit Jha, were involved, raising questions about security protocols.

Mastermind Destroys Evidence, Mislead Investigation

Delhi Police sources earlier disclosed that Lalit Jha, the mastermind behind the security breach, destroyed five mobile phones before arriving in Delhi. Jha, who had connections with the accused, misled the investigating team and attempted to cover his tracks.

The investigation team has encountered challenges as most statements provided by the accused appear to be deliberate misdirection. The Special Cell of Delhi Police is actively verifying the claims made by Lalit Jha, who played a central role in capturing video footage of his accomplices outside the parliament.

Accused Wanted To Create Anarchy: Cops

During his appearance before the Patiala House Court, Lalit Jha disclosed that the accused, including himself, aimed to create anarchy in the country to compel the government to meet their demands. The Special Cell informed the court about the multiple meetings and the execution of the conspiracy by the accused persons.

As the political discourse intensifies, the implications of the security breach continue to resonate in the corridors of power, with the Modi government under scrutiny for its handling of unemployment and inflation, further fueling the tensions between the ruling party and the opposition.

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