From Rickshaw Pullers Son To IAS Topper: Govind Jaiswals Inspirational Journey To Achieving IAS All India Rank…

New Delhi: In a televised interview he gave after clearing the civil services exam in his very first attempt, Govind Jaiswal narrated the incident that changed his life course. He had gone to play at a rich friend’s house when he was eleven years old. He was kicked out after receiving insults for being the son of a rickshaw puller. Little Govind was not even aware of the full significance of this insult, since children are usually unable to comprehend the ways in which social divisions are influenced by economic disparities. However, an elderly friend informed him of the harsh realities of life and warned him that unless he made changes in his situation, he would likely continue to receive this kind of treatment from people all his life.

When Govind asked what the highest rank in the service could be, he was told that the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the highest position in the nation. At that moment, the young lad made the decision to become an IAS officer one day. But there were many challenges along the way.

Background Of UPSC Topper Govind Jaiswal:

Narayan, the father of Govind, was able to purchase and lease a few rickshaws while working at a government ration store. The family enjoyed a reasonable level of financial security at one point. However, things got worse, and Narayan, who was crippled and carried a wound on his leg, had to provide the family with his meagre earnings.

He was able to marry off his three graduate daughters in spite of obstacles. The entire family was now counting on Govind to succeed in his chosen field. Govind found it difficult to study in the face of jeers like “What will studying get you? Most likely, you could have two rickshaws. However, he received a lot of support from his family, who allowed him to move to Delhi, which some regard as the IAS coaching mecca, because he was unable to focus on his studies from their one-room, power-cut plagued home in Varanasi.

Journey Towards The IAS:

Govind’s dedication and sincerity towards his ambition were unwavering. He gave Maths tuitions and even skipped meals in Delhi to save money. His father had sold a piece of land that he owned to send him to Delhi. Meanwhile, his father’s leg got worse, and he had to stop pulling rickshaws, Govind knew that he couldn’t let anybody down. He had no choice but to succeed.

He knew he did not have the luxury of a second or third attempt. In his own words, “Anyone who can understand my hardships and circumstances will realize that I had no other option. Neither I could go for lower government jobs as they are mostly fixed nor 1 could start a business as I had no money for it. I went for the option I was left with, worked hard on studies”.

And succeed he did. In his first attempt itself, Govind Jaiswal, who attended a government school and a modest college in Varanasi, secured 48th rank in the UPSC civil services exam in 2006. All this at the young age of 22! To understand what the family sacrificed to see their son do well, just look at the first thing Govind said he would do with his first salary – get proper treatment for his father’s wounded septic leg.

Govind bagged the amazing rank of 46 with Hindi as a medium.

Govind’s story shows that the civil services exam can be cracked by anyone with the will and determination to work hard.Your background, father’s job, financial status, etc. do not matter. As far as the UPSC civil services are concerned, the only thing separating success and failure is your work.

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