Congress Surrenders 2024 Elections? BJPs Shah, Nadda Criticises Exit Poll Boycott

Congress’ Exit Poll Debate Boycott: The BJP has showered the Congress party with cutting remarks since the grand old party announced its decision to not participate in the exit poll debates shows. Home Minister Amit Shah took a dig at Rahul Gandhi saying that his party is in ‘denial mode’. He added that this shows that the opposition has conceded its defeat. 

Affirming confidence in the exit polls Shah said that the exit poll will showcase the saffron party alliance getting the ‘400-paar’ remark. The Congress does not have the courage to take questions from the media, so it is dismissing the entire exit poll exercise as meaningless, he added. 

He further said that the Congress campaigned through the polls claiming it would get a majority. However, it now realizes the reality and knows it faces a rout in the exit polls to be broadcast after the elections tomorrow.  

On the other hand, BJP national president JP Nadda took to social media platform ‘X’ to denounce Congress’ exit poll boycott, he wrote, “Let no one in Phase 7 waste their vote on them.” Nadda said that the resolution of the ‘largest political party in the opposition’ to skip exit poll debates signifies a clear acknowledgment from the opposition party that it has surrendered the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. 

He questioned whether the Congress was suggesting that there existed a large conspiracy involving millions of voters, all aimed at ridiculing the party when the actual results were revealed on June 4th. He remarked that it didn’t suit India’s oldest political party to act like a child whose toy had been taken away. He further added that one would anticipate a certain level of maturity from the largest political party in the opposition.

(Based on inputs from PTI)

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