BB17: Abhishek reveals his father was ready to beg to get Isha Malviya back into his life

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 concluded a couple of minutes ago. And we saw Aoora becoming the new captain of the house. It happened after Abhishek Kumar eliminated Mannara Chopra from the captaincy race. The captaincy task took place and during the same Samarth Jurel removed Abhishek Kumar from the captaincy race. During the task, they fought a little and even Isha Malviya fought with Abhishek. And later, their fight took an ugly turn.
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Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya’s fight intensifies after captaincy task

Since the last couple of days, Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel have been poking Abhishek Kumar again and again. Isha, as a captain, has been very biased towards Samarth. Even during the nominations task, she picked Samarth even when it was Abhishek who had picked up the phone first. And since then, Isha has been unnecessarily poking Abhishek. Tonight, the matter went out of control. At first Samarth and Abhishek fought because Samarth removed him from captaincy. His reasoning made Abhishek react and Isha also jumped into the picture. Abhishek lost his cool and also abused Samarth verbally. Later, when Abhishek removed Mannara, Samarth and Isha yet again targeted Abhishek. Also Read – Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra rules the episode; netizens feel Vicky Jain, Isha Malviya and others are using her for their game [Check Reactions]

Samarth and Isha have been calling Abhishek assistant of Munawar Faruqui now. Abhishek and Munawar have been supporting each other a lot these days. Since Abhishek has been siding with Munawar, Abhishek has been getting a lot of flak since almost everyone in the house is against Munawar. Coming back to the fight between Isha, Samarth and Abhishek, it was started by Samarth and Isha who kept slamming Abhishek for his decision to remove Mannara from the captaincy. Isha went personal and talked about Abhishek’s father beating him. Isha said that he would make his mother cry. Abhishek retaliated as well. He called out Isha who was taken away by Samarth inside the house. Isha asks Samarth to not pull her like that. Later their, fight continued and Abhishek revealed that his parents would cry because he was crazy behind Isha. Abhishek reveals that because he was in bed for six months, hence his mom and dad cried. Abhishek reveals that his father was ready to bed to Isha to come back to Abhishek’s life. Samarth came back again and he and Isha said a lot of things to him. Abhishek remained calm but broke down. But shamelessly, Samarth still kept poking Abhishek. Also Read – Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande’s mother has THIS to say about Vicky Jain’s slap video

Watch this video of Abhishek Kumar losing his cool on Isha Malviya here:

Netizens sympathize with Abhishek Kumar after his fight with Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel

Netizens who have been watching the unnecessary poking by Samarth and Isha have sided with Abhishek. They are sending him hugs and all the love and asking him to stay strong. Even the housemates are in shock over the same. No one counters Isha and Samarth, as though wanting to steer clear from their poking drama. Have a look at the reactions of the audience here:

Talking about the captaincy task, it was Munawar Faruqui who asked Abhishek Kumar to remove Mannara Chopra from the captaincy race since he did not want the benefit to go to Samarth or Isha. Ayesha Khan also added to it since she wanted to make sure Mannara did not use her power against her. However, Mannara misunderstood it.

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