Psychometric test for Agniveers

Psychometric test for Agniveers…. in a pioneering move, the Indian Army has introduced a psychometric test to evaluate the mental acumen, behaviour, and personality traits of candidates participating in the Agniveers recruitment rally held at the Bombay Engineering Group and Centre in Pune. This marked the first instance of such a test being incorporated into the recruitment process, as confirmed by Lt Gen NS Sarna, the Director General of Recruiting for the Indian Army.

During the Agniveer rally in Pune, the psychometric test was conducted on a trial basis, with its implementation still in its early stages. It is noteworthy that, as of now, the psychometric exam has not been formally integrated into the standard requirements for the Agniveer recruitment rally procedure. The test itself was crafted by the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) under the auspices of the DRDO, recognizing the need for a comprehensive evaluation of candidates given the challenging conditions that military personnel often face.

A senior official from the Indian Army revealed that the introduction of new assessments and technologies is a common practice during recruitment rallies, reflecting the military’s commitment to staying abreast of advancements. In this context, a select group of candidates participated in a computer-based exam during the rally, responding to a series of questions focused on psychological aspects. The objective was to delve into the candidates’ aptitude, and the results will undergo further scrutiny by DRDO experts and officers for a more comprehensive analysis.

The rationale behind incorporating a psychometric test for Agniveers lies in the Army’s requirement for individuals who can operate independently in demanding scenarios, displaying mental resilience and physical fitness. Given the potential adverse effects of stressful conditions on mental health, the psychometric test aims to identify candidates with the psychological aptitude necessary for military service.

Lt Gen NS Sarna emphasized that the psychometric test is still in its nascent stage and has not officially become a mandatory component of the Agniveer recruitment rally process. The Southern Command sources emphasized the imperative of psychological analysis due to the challenging nature of military service.

Major General Ajey Sethi, the additional director general of recruiting for the Zonal Recruiting Office of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa, closely observed the test trial during his visit to the rally in Pune, affirming the military’s commitment to exploring innovative approaches to candidate assessment.

Highlighting the evolving nature of the recruitment process, a senior Army officer noted a change in the Agniveer recruitment procedure this year. Candidates who successfully cleared the online common entrance examination (CEE) were subsequently invited to participate in the recruitment rally for physical fitness and medical assessments. This adjustment proved effective in streamlining the process, minimizing the need for extensive crowd management at the rally centre and optimizing the use of manpower and time resources.

In essence, the introduction of the psychometric test signifies the Indian Army’s proactive approach to refining its recruitment processes, ensuring that candidates not only meet the physical demands of the force but also possess the psychological resilience required for sustained performance in challenging environments.

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