Porsche 911 to Toyota Corolla: Top 10 cars in US with best resale value

Over the last three to five years, the used car market across the world has been booming, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the supply of new passenger vehicles. Right after the pandemic in 2020, used car prices across the world skyrocketed, buoyed by the rising demand for personal mobilities, squeezed income and financial insecurities. These factors propelled massive growth in the used car market.

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| Updated on: 14 Dec 2023, 10:58 AM

The Porsche 911 stands out as the car in the US with the lowest value depreciation after five years of first-hand ownership.

When buying a used car, several factors play crucial roles in consumers’ decision-making. At the same time, when buying a brand-new car, many consumers consider the resale value of these vehicles. Automotive publication iSeeCars has listed out the top cars in the US that fetch the best resale value.

The Porsche 911 coupe tops the chart with the lowest average five-year depreciation at 9.3 per cent, followed closely by its sibling Porsche 718 Cayman, claims the report. The 718 Cayman loses about one-fifth of its value at 17.6 per cent. There are two other Porsches on the list – the Boxster, and the 911 convertible, positioned at 12th and 15th respectively, both losing around 25 per cent of their retail price.

At the third position is the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with a 20.4 per cent value depreciation after five years of first-hand ownership. Jeep Wrangler and Honda Civic hold the fourth and fifth positions in the chart, claims the report, with the SUV losing 20.8 per cent and the sedan losing 21.5 per cent value after the first five years of first-hand ownership. Subaru BRZ and Chevrolet Camaro high-performance cars hold the sixth and seventh positions in the list with 23.4 per cent and 24.2 per cent value depreciation, respectively.

The eighth, ninth and 10th positions in the list are held by Toyota C-HR, Subaru Crosstrek and Toyota Corolla. These three cars lose 24.4 per cent, 24.5 per cent and 24.5 per cent value after their first five years of ownership, claims the report.

First Published Date: 14 Dec 2023, 10:58 AM IST

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