MG Comet price, long term review, features, range, charging and interior. – Introduction

First report: The compact EV has entered our fleet and has been making light work of jam-packed commutes.

Say hello to the Autocar long-term fleet’s latest and smallest car, the MG Comet EV. Soon after, I whisked away the keys for some seat time with a car that has intrigued me for a while. After a short stint, here’s what it’s like to live with.

I have the privilege of taking home various test and long-term cars and bikes, and none of them have caught the fancy of my family like the Comet. I took it home over the Diwali weekend and everyone, including my extended family, was keen on checking out this cute little car. What immediately wowed them, apart from the unconventional looks, was the interior design and quality. With light colours and a clean, minimalist look, the MG Comet’s cabin is a nice, airy place to be. And while space at the back is actually ample for adults, getting in and out of the rear seat is a task, especially for older or healthier people.

The Comet EV manages to fit in comically small parking spaces.

The Comet has also been making my commute to work a breeze. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still jam-packed but much more manageable now. The Comet’s tiny footprint allows me to squeeze in and out of gaps, which I would only have been able to do on a two-wheeler. It also makes parking a stress-free process, with its large glass area giving you a great 360-degree view. It fits in parking slots where you just wouldn’t expect a car to. Another thing I appreciate about the MG is its steering. Not only does the wheel feel high quality and good to hold but it’s also effortless to operate, which again, is a boon in the city.

However, I really wish MG had given it a better audio system as the current one just isn’t good enough. It’s loud, but the clarity and bass leave a lot more to be desired. And a good music system is something that I really want in my car, which is something I’m sure the younger, hipster crowd that MG is targetting want. Furthermore, the touchscreen has also glitched on occasion so an infotainment upgrade is a much-needed one.

MG Comet price, long term review, features, range, charging and interior. - Introduction

Audio system is very poor and leaves more to be desired.

I have been in very few vehicles that garner as much attention as the Comet. From young to old, everyone wants to know more about it. Part of the attention you get is because of its dimensions and the other part is thanks to this bright neon green paint. Personally, I don’t like this colour, but that’s a subjective matter.

While I haven’t run it long enough, I did run it from 100 to 30 percent, during which it covered 121km (see table below); more than acceptable for a city EV. And mind you, the AC was on the entire time.

MG Comet EV range
Charge Distance
100% 0km
90% 16km
80% 32km
70% 52km
60% 65km
50% 82km
40% 101km
30% 121km

There’s also a few curious things I’ve noticed in my short stint with the Comet. First, the buttons to switch tracks etc. on the right hand side of the steering work on and off, especially when you’re using Android Auto. Second, it won’t charge using our office’s wall-mounted charger anymore. It did initially, but now the plug won’t lock into place, so I’ve had to resort to the slow AC charger that comes with the car. Lastly, and most surprisingly, the Comet managed to roll back its odometer on its own. And it’s not like it’s an analogue unit where it could be a mechanical malfunction; this is a full-digital unit. This is something I’ve never experienced with a car or bike in the five years I’ve been testing them. We will get these matters inspected and report back in the next long-term review.

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