Land Rover to recall 4,347 Range Rover Sports SUV in US over water leakage issue

Select new Range Rover Sports come with faulty brake lights that allow water into the housing rendering the lights non-functional.

Select new Range Rover Sports come with faulty brake lights that allow water into the housing rendering the lights non-functional.

Land Rover has decided to issue a recall in the US for its new Range Rover Sport SUV. The recall campaign will affect 4,347 units of the new Range Rover Sports, revealed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These luxury SUVs are suspected to have faulty brake lights that could be susceptible to water leakage, resulting in them becoming non-functional.

The issue only affects the new Range Rover Sports SUVs, not the older ones. The British luxury car manufacturer has said that it has received 144 warranty claims so far since October 2022. After receiving these warranty claims, Land Rover opened an investigation into the matter in February this year.

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The probe revealed that the exterior lights of the vehicle had allowed water into the housing. Land Rover also revealed that it received significantly more complaints relating to lights from the right side of the vehicles. By September 2023, the automaker completed its detailed review of the issue and concluded that the light housings were not the problem. Instead, the luxury car brand determined that the issue presented itself only after the vehicles were assembled.

The automaker said that the leaks were being used as the lights were being finessed for final fit and finish. However, Land Rover did not specify the adjustments were happening differently on the right and left sides. No matter what the reason is, it was allowing water to pool in the light housing, causing the failure of brake lights, marker lights, reversing lights and turn indicators. This propelled the automaker to issue a recall, as the loss of these lights could increase the risk of rear-end crashes of the vehicles.

Land Rover will start notifying its customers from 9th February 2024. The customers of the affected Land Rover Range Rover Sports will be instructed to return their cars to the nearest dealers where the right-hand lights will be replaced. The car manufacturer has recommended that the customers of the new Range Rover Sports regularly check the operation of their rear lights.

First Published Date: 28 Dec 2023, 09:30 AM IST

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