Geneva Auto Show bids farewell, set to continue in Qatar. Check details

The Geneva Auto Show, a cornerstone event in the automotive industry for over a century, has ended its run in Switzerland following years of uncertain

The decision to stop the Geneva Auto Show in Geneva was influenced by several factors. (Geneva International Motor Show)

The Geneva Auto Show, a hallmark event in the automotive industry for over a century, has officially ended its run in Switzerland. This decision follows years of uncertainty and a less-than-stellar comeback in 2023 after a four-year hiatus prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show will not return to Switzerland in 2025, and there are no plans for its revival in the country. Instead, the show’s legacy will live on in Qatar, which is set to host the event under the same name in 2025.

The decision to cease operations in Geneva was influenced by several factors. Despite the anticipation surrounding the show’s return this year, only a few manufacturers, such as Lucid, the Renault Group, and some Chinese automakers, participated. The event struggled to regain its former glory, and the lack of significant interest from major automotive brands proved to be a decisive blow.

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“This extremely regrettable decision should not detract from the efforts and determination with which we have tried to regain our success,” stated Alexandre de Senarclens, president of the foundation that organised the show. He cited the lack of interest from manufacturers, the competition from other prominent auto shows in Paris and Munich, and the substantial investment required to maintain the show as key reasons for its discontinuation.

Technically, the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) will continue, albeit outside of Switzerland. Similar to 2023, GIMS will reconvene in Qatar in 2025. Sandro Mesquita,CEO, GIMS, expressed confidence in the event’s future, highlighting the successful inaugural edition in Qatar and the ongoing appeal of motor shows in different parts of the world.

“For its upcoming festival dedicated to automotive excellence, and following a successful inaugural edition, GIMS Qatar can confidently rely on the proven expertise and capabilities of the teams that conceived and executed the concept,” Mesquita remarked. He concluded by noting the strengthened appeal of the Geneva International Motor Show in the Middle East.

The end of the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland marks the conclusion of an era. However, it also reflects the evolving landscape of automotive events globally. Earlier this year, the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 established itself as a global convergence point for excellence in mobility in India, thanks in part to the participation of various industry associations.

The government’s initiative was aimed at bringing depth and credibility to the event, signalling a shift in how automotive expos are organised in India. Traditionally, each association, like SIAM with the Auto Expo, hosted its own events. However, with the advent of Bharat Mobility, it seems the era of independent automobile expos may be coming to an end.

While the Geneva Auto Show’s departure is a loss for the Swiss automotive scene, the continuation of the event in Qatar offers a new chapter for the renowned exhibition.

First Published Date: 02 Jun 2024, 09:20 AM IST

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