Bengaluru Police warns techies to follow traffic rule or face heat in office

Bengaluru Traffic Police has launched a campaign to raise awareness about traffic rules among regular commuters. The city police administration will specifically target thousands of techies who, it says, are often caught for traffic violations. In a warning, the police has said that IT professionals found violating traffic rules may actually face heat in office when the cops notify the employers about such incidents. Bengaluru, often called the IT capital of India, is also infamous for its massive traffic chaos.

Bengaluru Traffic Police has started a unique drive to stop techies in the city from violating traffic rule in the city.

In Bengaluru, traffic violations like jumping traffic signals or over speeding, are some of the common traffic violations. According to Bengaluru Traffic Police, most of these violations are done by techies who, in their effort to reach destinations, often overstep the line drawn by traffic rules. What the city police thinks is that such offences, if notified to the employers, would cause embarrassment for the traffic violators and work as a deterrent.

The unique campaign kicked off in Bengaluru last week with the east division of Bengaluru Traffic Police launching its pilot phase covering Outer Ring Road and Whitefield region, also known as the city’s IT corridor. Bengaluru Traffic Police has said this drive could be extended to other parts of the city if the results are encouraging.

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Bengaluru Traffic Police explained how they will notifty the employers of IT professionals flouting traffic rules. Kuldeep Kumar Jain, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East division – Traffic), said, “If any of the IT company employees are caught violating traffic rules, information about the specific violation will be sent to their respective companies through email or Whatsapp. This is just to make them more aware and conscious of traffic rules and road safety while riding.”

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The city’s traffic police will check the person’s employee details and identification cards if caught violating traffic rules. The cops will later share the list of traffic violations done by an individual. However, it is not clear yet if the IT companies will penalise such employees in any way.

First Published Date: 18 Dec 2023, 10:44 AM IST

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